Lawn Irrigation System Maintenance Tips

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Lawn Irrigation System Maintenance Tips

An irrigation system is an important part of maintaining a beautiful lawn. To ensure your system continues to operate properly, you’ll need to perform certain maintenance tasks from time to time. Here are some irrigation system maintenance tips for every season that will ensure you perform the right maintenance at the right time.

Spring Maintenance Tips

Before operating your system for the season, make a visual inspection of your sprinkler heads to make sure grass has not grown over the top of them, and that each one opens properly. Run your system through a short cycle so you can see how well it operates. You should also check for broken pipes that could lead to inadequate water pressure. One indication of broken pipes is the presence of damp spots in your yard. Install a rain sensor if your system doesn’t already have one so that your equipment will not have to operate if a pre-determined amount of precipitation falls.

Summer Maintenance Tips

Your sprinkler will likely be used most often in summer, which is why irrigation system maintenance should be performed on an ongoing basis. During the summer months, inspect your system at least monthly to ensure all parts are working properly. Look at your sprinkler heads periodically and clean dirt and debris from them whenever they become clogged. Make adjustments to different zones as needed based on the amount of rainfall your area is experiencing. Doing so will ensure all areas of your lawn are properly watered without causing too much strain on your equipment.

Autumn Maintenance Tips

Fall is the time when you should perform ‘winterization’ to protect your system from freezing temperatures. Drain all water from your unit, including your drip system, and then turn it off for the season. You can also blow excess water from your irrigation system with an air compressor. If you are unsure how to do this, hire a professional, since doing this the wrong way could result in damage. Roll up your garden hoses and store them inside a garage or outbuilding until spring. Cover outdoor spigots and pipes with insulation to protect them from freezing or bursting.

Winter Maintenance Tips

Not much is required in order to maintain your irrigation system during the winter months. Even so, you should still inspect it periodically for signs of damage, particularly after a hard freeze. If damage is discovered, contact a professional to have repairs made as soon as possible. You should also make sure any insulation on pipes or outdoor faucets is still intact, and replace it if needed. Do not operate your system during a warm spell; otherwise, you must go through the process of draining and ‘winterizing’ it all over again. As you can see, irrigation system maintenance is an ongoing process that requires you to perform different tasks at various times of the year. Follow these tips during every season, and you should find that you have very few problems with the way your irrigation system operates.

Different Ways You Can Enjoy an Outdoor Fire Pit This Winter

As a homeowner, you may tend to associate winter with having to take your entertainment indoors, especially when the first blast of cold weather makes its appearance. However, this need not be the case if you have an outdoor fire pit installed in your back yard. Not only will it allow you to get outside in the fresh air during winter; it will enable you to make the most of time spent entertaining friends and family all year round.

An Entertainment Portal

There is not much else that is as fulfilling as being able to spend some quality time around the fire with friends and family, and having an outdoor fire pit will enable this to happen at any time of the year. Your guests will no longer have to huddle together inside the house, wishing for it to get warmer. Instead, your entertainment activities can take place around the fire, where everyone can thaw out and enjoy time together. When supervised, children can enjoy roasting marshmallows or s’mores, while getting a good dose of fresh air at the same time.

An Alternative to Indoor Cooking

It’s no secret that food cooked on an open fire tastes and smells far better than food prepared in electric or gas ovens. With the right attachments and accessories, an outdoor fire pit can be used to prepare popcorn, pizza, corn, potatoes or even bread. This is an ideal option for those lazy winter evenings where you are not being rushed in any way. It also provides the ideal opportunity to let children try their hand at preparing some of their favorite snacks – under close supervision, of course.

Neighborhood Sing-Alongs

If you live in a close-knit community, chances are that you know most of your neighbors in the nearby vicinity. Instead of each family huddling indoors when the weather turns chilly, why not invite a few people over for a few fire-roasted snacks, some coffee, hot chocolate or cocoa, and a hearty outdoor sing-along around the fire? If anyone new has recently moved into the area, this will provide an ideal opportunity to get to know them and their families better as well.

A Spot to Unwind

Little else is able to de-stress a person as much as being able to sit by a roaring fire while sipping a glass of wine after a busy or stressful day. This environment provides an ideal spot for couples to spend an hour or two together or even an evening over the weekend just reminiscing. If you have children, the relaxed environment that usually surrounds an outdoor fire pit and entertainment area can provide the ideal location for chatting with them. Fire pits are an affordable way to add curbside appeal to a property, while also making it a more pleasurable place to spend time each day. Professional landscapers will be able to ensure that a fire pit is installed in such a way that it improves the ambience of your home while still being a practical and versatile means of improving your outdoor entertainment area.

Landscape Features that Boost Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is a term used to describe the level of interest a home buyer might have by looking at a home’s exterior. While most buyers do a lot of research on the interior and history of the home, their first impressions make a huge difference in how they view a potential purchase. There are several ways that landscaping can help you to boost curb appeal, and these methods are detailed below.


Creating an attractive garden, complete with colorful plants and aesthetically pleasing stone arrangements can turn a drab front yard into something truly breathtaking. The landscaper will need to consider what sort of garden will help boost your home’s appeal the most. Generally, flower gardens are more attractive to buyers than vegetable gardens, since the latter requires work that only those interested in gardening will want.

Outdoor Art and Structures

Adding something like a fountain, bird bath, or small series of sculptures can turn the plainest lawn into something interesting and appealing. Landscapers who are adding outdoor structures should consider the entirety of the area before making any changes. A large garden, for example, might benefit from a gazebo, while a smaller lawn might only need a bird bath and a few stepping stones. A skilled landscaper should have a strong aesthetic eye and be able to make these decisions quickly.

Stone Walkways

Whether it’s to get to the front door or to take a stroll through the backyard, a simple walkway can change the way somebody looks at a home. Walkways and other stone structures can really help define a home’s natural beauty. When tasked with the job of adding a stone walkway, a savvy landscaper looks at the style of home and the size of the yard. An older house, or one that has several natural features in the yard, calls for a walkway with large flat stones that can be surrounded by decoration or natural foliage. A modern structure might call for more stones and less vegetation. Naturally, these guidelines are also dependent on the homeowner’s desires.

Tree Shaping

Many homes include trees, bushes, or shrubberies that help to spruce up the property, but not all of these plants are necessary beneficial. Some trees can hurt a home’s curb appeal, especially if they are not well maintained. If this is the case, does it mean that those trees and bushes need to come down? Not necessarily. Landscapers can shape trees into something that fits the landscape of the property. This involves cutting away unwanted branches and making sure that the plants have a way of growing in a manner that fits with the property as a whole. Some simple landscaping adjustments can go a very long way in an effort to enhance a property’s curb appeal. A skilled landscaper should be prepared to handle many of these types of jobs, as they are frequently in demand from homeowners who are concerned with a home’s potential sale value.

7 Reasons Why Grand Materials and Supply is a One Stop Shop for All Landscape Supplies

Many landscape suppliers stock a limited range of items. However, Grand Materials and Supply is a reputable Arizona landscape supply company and we do everything in our power to provide a one-stop shopping experience for landscapers, homeowners, and contractors. Here are 7 reasons why our business is the best one-stop option when it comes to providing landscaping supplies in Arizona.

1. Outdoor Lighting

Not many landscaping supply companies carry a selection of outdoor lighting supplies that are as extensive or as high quality as ours. Our selection includes product from Kichler Lighting, which carries a name and reputation that is synonymous with high quality and exclusive designs. Currently, we carry deck lights, spot lights, underwater lights, hardscape lights, energy-efficient LED lighting options in addition to all accompanying accessories.

2. Outdoor Living

Grand Materials and Supply’s selection of outdoor living products is among the best, enabling landscapers to create some of the most fantastic outdoor living spaces imaginable. Our outdoor living products currently include pizza ovens, grills, side burners, ice chests, outdoor refrigerators, BBQ grills, fireplaces, and fire pit kits. Other products currently being offered include a range of trellises, arbors, gates, and rod iron railings (all available on request).

3. Artificial Grass

A luscious, green lawn is something that most people desire year-round; however, many homeowners may not have the time or the means to achieve this goal. Grand Materials’ wide variety of artificial lawn variations will enable landscapers or homeowners to select the perfect match for any property or outdoor setting.

4. Irrigation System Components

Once a landscaper has completed a project, he or she will need to ensure that it is easy for the property owner to maintain it properly. Grand Materials and Supply’s range of irrigation systems and components ensure that the hassle is taken out of having to water your grass or garden. We supply all of the necessary rotors, nozzles, pump stations, remotes, and sensors to keep things as beautiful and luscious as possible.

5. Decorative Rock and Boulders

No landscaping project can be considered complete without the addition of decorative rock or boulders throughout the yard. As an Arizona landscape supply company, we pride ourselves on stocking some of the most attractive stone and rock options in the industry.

6. Masonry and Veneer

Many properties have at least one unsightly boundary or retainer wall that can use a bit of touching up. One way to achieve this is by installing new masonry and veneer products. Grand Materials has numerous different veneers and masonry stone products to offer, enabling landscapers to choose the perfect option for every project.

7. Numerous Locations throughout Arizona

Unlike many other landscape supply companies, we have five branches throughout the Phoenix area, which means that we can provide our top quality products, services, and advice to landscapers throughout the region. Once landscapers discover the true extent of our product selection coupled with the extensive professional knowledge of our employees, it will be hard not to become loyal customers for life.

Reasons to Install Irritrol Irrigation Systems

Installing commercial irrigation systems can be a costly and time-consuming exercise, which is why you want to ensure that it is done properly the first time. This is why most professional landscapers will highly recommend Irritrol as a brand for sprinkler valves, timers, and other irrigation system components when installing commercial sprinklers and other types of irrigation systems.


Irritrol has been supplying irrigation system components to the home and commercial landscape industry for almost 50 years, which is a true testament to their level of quality. As a result, many landscapers and irrigation system installers choose to use Irritrol’s range of irrigation systems because they are known for to be extremely long-lasting and druable. In fact, many people who installed Iritroll’s systems 10 to 20 years ago say that the systems are functioning as well as today as they did on the day that they were installed.

Product Selection

Grand Materials and Supply is able to supply Irritrol’s wide selection of products. Presently, Irritrol’s range of products includes a large variety of manual and electric controllers and timers, valves, rotors, spray heads, sensors, remotes, Super Blue Flex irrigation piping, fittings, and swing assemblies. This product range enables commercial and residential properties of virtually any size to be fitted with a reliable irrigation system that requires a relatively small amount of maintenance.


Irritrol has managed to build up an excellent name and reputation in the landscaping and irrigation industry. This has led to its products being sold in numerous countries around the world. When Irritrol irrigation systems are installed, property owners know that if any issues arise where replacement parts are needed, these issues can be sorted out quickly. This means that the property owner will not have to purchase an entirely new sprinkler or irrigation system, rather, they will have to only replace the faulty component.

An Excellent Support Structure

Irritrol not only sells a superior range of products, it also provides an excellent level of service and technical support. Additionally, Grand Materials and Supply has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you with all irrigation supply questions. An extensive range of product literature and online training is also available from the company. With Irritrol, there is no need to worry, as their track record of producing top quality products means that any systems that make use of their products will be able to be utilized for many years to come.