Bright Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

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Bright Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

As the autumn season approaches and daylight starts to wane, be sure to consider keeping your home and garden illuminated with custom outdoor lighting. With Grand Materials & Supply, there’s no need to find yourself a bit “in the dark” when it comes to outdoor lighting options. We provide state-of-the-art outdoor lighting features and accessories to keep your property tastefully and affordably lit all year round. When thinking of adding outdoor lighting, don’t miss out on these opportunities to make your property shine.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a preferred option for homeowners seeking to set certain elements of the landscape home exterior apart from the rest. A simple spotlight can draw focus to the most important areas like outdoor sculptures, decorative trees or fountains. In-ground accent lighting features can be set to custom timers and are available in a number of wattages and finishes.

Path Lighting

Outdoor path lighting is an excellent way to accent areas of your property as well as light the way for visitors. Path lights come in numerous shapes, finishes and color temperatures, so the possibilities for dressing up your pathway are almost limitless. Warm color temperatures can beautifully complement adjacent landscaping materials and foliage with similar color tones, while cooler color temperatures can be ideal for setting off lighter toned pavements. Grand Materials & Supply offers an extensive variety of both LED and incandescent path lighting options, available through Kichler Lighting.

Underwater Lighting

No koi pond, water fixture, or fountain is complete without the lighting to make it a dazzling addition day or night. Consider using a series of LED underwater light fixtures to form a perimeter around the water feature. Grand Materials & Supply offers a selection of fixtures that function both above and below the water line, making any lighting scheme versatile and easy to rearrange. Grand Materials & Supply has you covered for helping you select durable lighting fixtures that save on energy costs as well as make any exterior look its best. Don’t forget to browse our section of lighting accessories for cost-effective options for mounting kits, replacement bulbs, and transformers