A Buyer’s Guide to Masonry Products

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A Buyer’s Guide to Masonry Products

Because of masonry construction, homeowners don’t need to sacrifice durability or natural beauty when constructing and landscaping their home. Concrete and masonry products are available in various colors and shapes. They can also be customized with various external surfaces.

Masonry has been used for centuries. It goes back to the time of the Egyptian pyramids, Roman cities, and Greek temples – many of the structures built during these time periods are still standing. Masonry is known for its natural beauty. It is no wonder that homeowners today prefer using masonry products when building their homes. Below are some of the products that you can get from a masonry and veneer supply shop in Phoenix, AZ.


Concrete masonry units, more commonly known as CMU, is the main element of any masonry project. With the use of CMUs, it is much easier to lay a wall of any size. CMUs have a much lower water absorption rate compared to brick. Block is often used as the structural core for veneer bricks. However, sometimes they are used alone for walls of garages, factories, and other industrial buildings.

A CMU wall can be reinforced by filling voids with concrete. It can be further reinforced with the use of rebar. There are voids that are designed for reinforcement and filling, especially at wall-ends, corners, and openings, while other voids are left without concrete filling. CMUs are generally available in 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch.



A veneer wall is composed of masonry units that are placed on one or both sides of the wall, which is usually made of masonry product. This type of brick masonry is decorative in nature and not structural. The brick veneer is then installed to the structural wall. By design, there is an air gap between the structural wall and the brick veneer. There are several types of veneer styles and varieties that can be found at a landscape materials supplier in Phoenix, AZ. These types range from manufactured stone to quality stone to natural stone.

Most insulated buildings that are made of concrete blocks, stone, brick, adobe, veneers, or any combination of the materials often have interior insulation. The most commonly used insulation material is fiberglass batt that is installed in between wall studs, or insulation boards that are covered with drywall or plaster.


Aside from blocks and veneers, you can also get accessories needed for masonry jobs. These include reinforced bars, levels, lintels, and angle irons. The supplier can also provide bagged goods that include Portland cement, lime, mortar, stucco mix, and silica sands. A masonry supplier should also offer hand tools that are required for the job. These include shovels, pitch forks, rakes, wheelbarrows, pruners and shears, saws, and post drivers. You will find all of these items and more at a quality masonry supplier, like Grand Materials & Supply!

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Landscaping Irrigation to the Rescue

With a little time and effort, any new landscaping project is bound to be rewarding with a beautiful result. At Grand Materials & Supply, we often find that our customers, new and returning, rely on us to safeguard the pristine condition of good landscaping with quality landscaping irrigation products. Proper irrigation can revitalize an area of landscape and maintain its healthiness for years to come. Grand Materials offers every sprinkler system, part and accessory you need to get things flowing.

Total Control

Manage your irrigation system with ease and certainty with an irrigation controller from trusted companies such as Rain Bird, Irritol, and Hunter. System controllers are the optimal solution for automating your sprinkler systems with the touch of a button, ensuring your landscape gets the attention it needs even when you’re not around. Taking control of your irrigation system with an economical controller means smart savings in water usage – a bonus for your wallet and the environment.

Spray Heads Built to Perform

Landscaping Irrigation SuppliesDoes your water hookup have changing water pressures? Are you concerned about how to evenly water a landscape with multiple elevations? Look no further than your sprinkler system’s spray heads. Grand Materials & Supply provides a number of spray head options, including models designed to both save water and automatically regulate water pressure at a variety of elevations.

If you have questions about keeping your landscape well-watered or if irrigation systems are proving to be a “drain” on your time, consult the experts at Grand Materials Supply. Our knowledgeable team can point you in the right direction and provide recommendations on everything from copper adaptors to backflow preventers to valves and hoses.

Get in touch with Grand Materials & Supply or visit one of our locations in the Phoenix area to discover how you can protect your landscape with reliable irrigation.

Uses of Date Palm Trees in Landscaping

Palm trees are often associated with the tropics. But even if you are living in Phoenix, AZ, you can use palm trees to decorate your property. And one of the most popular varieties of palm trees is the date palm.

Date palms are often referred to as the tree of life. It is said to be the oldest fruit bearing tree on the planet. One of the most common species is the Phoenix dactylifera, which produces the sweet edible fruits known as dates. This and other types of date palm trees are used for home landscape.

Additionally, one of the most used landscape materials is the Canary Island date palm. It is recommended for properties with large yard space. The Canary Island date palm can be as high as 60 feet. It has a thick trunk that’s covered by a diamond pattern. Its fronds are arching and can be as long as 18 feet. It is a slow growing palm that needs well-draining soil and full sunlight which are factors to take into consideration when coming up with landscape project ideas. Another thing that makes the date palm a popular item for Phoenix, AZ homes is that it is drought tolerant. Just keep in mind that you need to regularly water it if you want to speed up its growth.

palm trees use in landscapingWhen coming up with landscaping ideas, you must consider planting a female date palm together with a male date palm. That way the female tree will produce dates that are edible. According to studies, dates are good source of potassium and iron. The fruiting and flowering of the date palms are best when the trees are exposed fully to the sun. Again, it is also important to make sure that the soil is moist and well-draining. The average common date palm can grow up to a hundred feet tall and have a canopy of 40 feet. Make sure that you have enough space in the yard to accommodate the trees. A material supply provider or contractor can give you an idea of how many trees can fit in your property.

If you don’t have a lot of space, then you can opt for a pygmy palm tree that can be cultivated indoors. It has a maximum height of ten feet and can be grown in a pot. This type of palm tree can be used to add life to a porch or patio. This species does not necessarily need as much sun as long as the soil is moist and well-draining. It can also give a tropical resort effect to the poolside area.

Contact Grand Materials and Supply today for all of your palm tree questions and needs!

Fresh Ideas for Decorative Rock

When it comes to landscape design, it can be easy to overlook the visual charms of well-selected decorative rocks and boulders. The greenery and lighting chosen so carefully for a landscaping project often need balance to look their very best. This is best accomplished with an arrangement of rocks that brings body and substance to lush surroundings or outdoor living spaces.

If you’re looking to bring a healthy visual harmony to your outdoor spaces, consider the extensive variety of rock and boulders available with the professionals at Grand Materials & Supply. Whether you want to add a scenic border to your newly landscaped terrain or you want to freshen the look of older shrubs and bushes, you can count on our wide selection of decorative rock to enhance the natural look of your landscape. When thinking about ideas for placement of decorative rock and boulders, ask yourself these questions:Decorative Rocks and Boulders for Gardens

What is the color tone of the surrounding area?
Try matching the color tones of the rocks with nearby landscape and structural elements. For example, a house with red brick has a warm color tone and may benefit from an accent of rock in colors like sunset or coral. Areas with dark green shrubbery, mulch or wood chips can be improved with decorative rock in earth tones like browns, caramels, and golds.

Where do I need borders?
A landscape can receive a professionally sculpted look with the simple placement of borders made of rock and boulders. Decorative rock borders are excellent when used with the contour of the land. They can mark an incline of a slope or form natural barriers between an ornamental garden and turf.

How many decorative rocks will I need?
It’s important to consider just how much decorative rock and/or boulders your project may need. Except when creating borders where consistency is important, a general rule of thumb to use is to have an equal number of rocks of three different sizes. A variety of small, medium, and large-sized rocks and boulders look great on slopes and can add a tasteful ruggedness that contrasts nicely against a manicured lawn.

Look no further than your trusted experts at Grand Materials & Supply to bring you the finest in decorative rock and boulders, available today in a broad selection. From “Red Mountain” to “Rainbow Mist,” we have a large spectrum of colors and sizes to complement any landscape project.