Chicago Reclaim Brick

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Chicago Reclaim Brick

Chicago reclaim brick is brick that is recovered from areas of demolition. These are common clay block crafted in the Chicago region during the late 1800s through the mid-1970s. They come in different shades including buff and pink.

Each group of Chicago reclaim brick is distinctive in precise shade, yet the general tint is typically earthenware ranging from the lighter shade up to medium salmon shading. There are also Chicago clay brick veneers with highlights of yellow and gold. The popular Chicago clay brick veneer has been an element of building throughout the U.S. for a long time.

During the reclamation process, the old mortar is detached and the bricks are transported. Chicago reclaim bricks are arranged into four distinctive shadings and styles. There are varieties and mixes of these styles in order to fit preference or taste.

Old Chicago Reclaim Brick – This is also known as ‘Full Range’ or ‘Black and Tans.’ It is the standard Chicago brick that has an element of the classic look of original Chicago buildings. It is the most common type of Chicago clay brick veneer. These are available in a wide variety of shadings and tones. Grand Materials - Chicago Reclaim Brick

Buff Chicago Brick – This particular style was created during the 1920s up to the late 1960s. Buff Chicago brick have a yellow shade and a mixed assortment of black and pink coloring throughout.

Salmon Chicago Reclaim Brick – Salmon bricks were created during the 1940s through the 1960s and have a high consistency when it comes to shading and quality. The coloring may range from a lighter shade of pink to a coral red that can be used for patios and pool decks, especially in Phoenix.

Handmade Chicago Clay Brick Veneer – The hand-crafted brick was generally created during the 1880s through the 1890s. It is available in various color tones including black, light shades of yellow, and an attractive red.

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BBQ Essentials

You needn’t bother with much to be an awesome griller, yet there are a couple of things that make barbecuing less demanding and more effective. Always remember that regardless of the amount you spend, grills need proper upkeep and maintenance. This following is designed to offer you some assistance in this arena. Here are some suggestions and ideas, however, to be the best griller you can be, you have to discover embellishments that work best for you.

Stainless Steel BBQ Drawers

When it comes to choosing stainless steel BBQ drawers, Summerset offers the highest quality product in the business. These premium storage drawers are complete with smooth, sleek corners and a stainless steel tubular grip that further represents the high quality craftsmanship of Summerset. Summerset storage drawers are able to embellish your BBQ while at the same time offer a place to securely store your various barbecuing tools. Grand Materials and Supply presents the finest stainless steel drawers that will suit your outdoor BBQs and kitchens.

Ice Chest

Grand Materials BBQ EssentialsWe, at Grand Materials, also offer Summerset Ice Chests. Again, with Summerset, the quality of the product is always extremely high. These ice chests are made from stainless steel and can withstand outdoor elements. The durability of Summerset ice chests is unparalleled in the market. These ice chests have a top mounting and different condiment trays that are perfect for small kitchen goods that need to be stored in a cold temperature.

Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel is a reliable standout amongst materials for outdoor kitchen sinks. Stainless steel is very sturdy and is very easy to clean which makes it is the best choice among outdoor kitchen sink materials. As the name demonstrates, stainless steel is very difficult to stain and can be effortlessly maintained even in the absence of cleaning chemicals. In the event that you need to get your sink sparkling, a delicate brush and a mild cleanser can do some magic.

Grill Covers

If you are searching for a grill cover that will be suitable for the vast majority of outdoor BBQs, a Summerset grill cover is the perfect option for you. Grand Materials supplies a large selections of Summerset grill covers that have UV protection and are weather resistant. Summerset grill covers are the best way to protect your grill and to maximize the design of your outdoor kitchen while maintaining its functionality.

For all of your BBQ and outdoor kitchen needs, visit one of Grand Materials and Supplies’ five locations where a friendly staff member can provide you with all of the expertise that you’ll need!

Accentuate Your Home with Masonry

Grand Materials & Supply is proud to provide Arizona’s widest array of masonry and veneer products for projects of any detail and size. Whether you have decided to bring the rugged, natural look of stone blocks to your home or are in search of specialized glass blocks, we can consult with you to find the perfect match of materials.

Planning for Color & Form

From fence blocks to housing exteriors, your friends at Grand Materials have masonry supplies to meet every project need with a remarkable selection of sizes and colors. We provide standard and non-standard sizes of stone blocks ideal for custom walls and fire pits, as well as interlocking fence blocks in welcoming earth and desert tones meant to complement any landscape and terrain.masonry and veneer products

No matter the demands of your project, Grand Materials & Supply is prepared with robust materials ranging from rebar, lintels, levels, and mortar to general tools you need to set your dream in stone. Are you concerned about matching your materials with mortar? Finding the perfect mortar and concrete colors is a cinch with the selection at Grand Materials & Supply. We even offer harder-to-find colors like chocolate and wheat, letting you match and build without limitation.

We invite you to explore the rich options of masonry and veneer products available at Grand Materials & Supply throughout the Phoenix region. Feel free to call us today with any questions about availability and pricing at 623-875-7000!