Outdoor Lighting Tips

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Outdoor Lighting Tips

Small changes can go a long way when it comes to landscape lighting in Phoenix. To arrange your outdoor landscape lighting fixtures, stroll around your yard during the evening, imagine when or how you need to utilize your spaces, and base your decision on where you’ll ultimately need the most light.

Standard Lighting

The way we see light during daytime is different than how we see it during the evening. This notion is essential when planning the lighting in your yard, especially when installing it in your pathways. You will also want to consider the differentiation in color and concentration that different types of lights emit. For example, LED lights and incandescent lights will appear differently, as they produce different hues and concentrations.

Incandescent lights emit light that is pleasing to the eye, however they have a pretty short life span, and during their life span, they consume a higher amount of electricity. LED bulbs will generally cost a bit more upfront, though they have a much longer life when compared to other types of lighting. Additionally, they have lower energy consumption, making them the most cost effective option in the long term.

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Landscape lighting for commercial properties can be divided based on their function. There is general lighting, which illuminates the entire area, task lighting, which is utilized for a specific function or purpose and finally, accent lighting, which focuses light to a certain area.

Proper Placement

Setting up and planning outdoor landscape lighting is very different than planning your indoor lighting. Outdoor landscape lighting must take into account that in general, the ground will not be a very reflective material. This makes placement for outdoor landscape lighting vital. Glare is one issue that can come about while installing outdoor lighting as it can be irritating and even blinding. However, with proper positioning and proper fixture choice, glare can be reduced effectively. On pathways, a high level of illumination may not be necessary. Downward facing lights will prevent glare, which will make walking through your property safer. Steps should also be well-lit to prevent any accidents from occurring. You can install accent lights to be focused on your patio and on other architectural structures that you may want to highlight. This will accentuate the beauty of your property’s landscape.

Be sure to stop by to speak with the helpful and friendly Grand Materials & Supply staff about ordering your next outdoor lighting addition. Our team looks forward to supplying you with the perfect outdoor lighting products.

Framing Your Landscape with Gates, Railings and Arbors

No landscape project is complete without the refinements of a gate, railing, arbor or trellis that complement the feel of the landscape and frame the area with visually pleasing boundaries.

When thinking about adding that final touch to your recently completed landscaping project — whether it is new artificial grass or an outdoor living area — don’t forget to include the final polish that only a beautiful gate or arbor can provide. Grand Materials & Supply offers a wide selection of arbors, trellises, railings and gates to complete the look of your latest project.

Gates and Railings

Give your outdoor areas the look and feel of a stylish English garden or a gorgeous American country estate with the addition of a new gate, available in black and ivory powdercoat finishes to match any decor. Garden gates and passage gates are ideal for portioning outdoor areas and bringing the prim and cultivated look that homeowners enjoy.

Arbors and Trellises - Grand Materials & Supply - Phoenix AZA rod iron railing can be easily placed near gates to show visitors the way and to accentuate pathways without completely “fencing in” your landscape. Iron railings have the added advantage of drawing lines across the landscape for placement of outdoor lighting that keep your property looking its best day or night. Contact us today about the custom sizes and finishes for railings Grand Materials & Supply has to offer.

Arbors and Trellises

Arbors and trellises not only bring your outdoor areas a sense of old-world charm, they also add that memorable “something extra” to any garden setting. Arbors look their best when surrounded by foliage and flowers, and they work well to serve as an entryway to outdoor living areas. You can even match the color of your arbor to the vast variety of pavers and natural stone that Grand Materials has in stock.

If a trellis better suits your landscape’s needs, setting one up has never been simpler with both wall mounted and ground mounted trellises available at our multiple locations in the Phoenix area. Like arbors, trellises benefit your outdoor areas most when placed nearby flowering plants.

Be sure to inquire with the helpful and friendly Grand Materials & Supply team members about ordering your next landscape addition. Our team looks forward to supplying your project with the perfect elements to frame your landscape.

Artificial Grass Infills

Artificial grass has a unique allure that many homeowners are drawn to when considering grass installation in their lawns and walkways. As a contractor or home owner, having access to information regarding dependable and cost-effective landscape materials, especially around Phoenix, can save you a lot of headaches when planning the logistics of creating your desired landscape.

Here is a helpful artificial grass infill guide:

Sand or Silica Infills

One of the most affordable and basic infills is the sand or silica option. Rounded particles are regarded as the best silica type in ground applications. These granules have unique properties that prevent them from breaking down easily. This is partly ascribed to their rounded nature, which makes for less friction with sand particles.

What professional contractors or homeowners need to watch out for is the integrity of the landscape materials supplier. Contractors and homeowners should feel assured that debris or sediments are not used to compromise the sand or silica infills.

With regards to specific brands, the Kiln dry silica sand is available in sizes 16 and 30, and is considered to be one of the most economical of infill options. They are suitable for many varieties of landscaping styles and artificial grasses.

Grand Materials & Supply Artificial Grass Infiills

Sub-Angular Silica

Another economical infill option is the sub-angular silica. This silica type is designed with multiple edges and will slowly get worn down by friction. During turf installation, it is often mixed with additives like crumbled rubber to inhibit deterioration.

Once it is underneath the turf, the springiness of rubber gets mixed up into uniform layers to bind with the stable structure of sand and support the grass blade. As the turf settles down, the rubber additive eliminates the need for silica addition going forward. In other words, the use of the rubber increases the longevity of sand particles by decreasing friction.

Size 30 infill, known for its tiny sand particles, is a great fit for putting greens while, for landscaping applications, size 16 infill is an excellent choice.

With this knowledge, professional contractors and homeowners in Arizona are better equipped to handle artificial turf installation. Grand Materials & Supply has the professional know-how and all the necessary landscaping materials for your next artificial grass project!

Landscape Design Guidelines

Creating the best outdoor experience at home can be quite beneficial for you and your home. Not only does improved curb appeal increase the home’s value, it also a great way to entice your family to spend more time outdoors. When it comes to creating an attractive landscape around your home’s exterior, you need to choose a preferred design and then successfully implement it. This is not always as easy as it sounds as the landscaping at your home may continue to change over many years, potentially with different pieces being added to the puzzle from time to time.
However, it is always important to have a basic plan in mind to ensure that you do not end up creating confusion at the end of it all. Below we will look at some of the main design guidelines to keep in mind while creating an enticing landscape.


When putting together the best landscape either at home or anywhere else, remember to put a lot of planning into your property’s paths. Before you implement that amazing natural stone path in your back or front yard, make sure that the paths are designed to allow simple movement. Garden paths should enable movement, not restrict it. Make sure that in your pursuit of the perfect landscape, you do not end up limiting mobility around important outdoor spaces.


Landscape Design Supply with Grand Materials
When planning a landscape, it is important to consider your needs. A landscaping project can be quite costly, so be sure to create a space that you can enjoy and appreciate. If you are looking to spend more time outdoors entertaining guests, you can consider adding a comforting outdoor fireplace as well as a comfy patio. To ensure that you can spend time enjoying the outdoor weather, possibly into the night, be sure to include outdoor post lighting fixtures.


Plants tend to be among the most common additions to any landscape design. They help achieve a natural outdoor appeal. When choosing the best plants to use in your landscaping project remember to consider their functions. Plants can be used as center pieces, to hold outdoor lighting plant fixtures, as well as to attract insects and birds; some plants attract bugs and butterflies while some attract birds. Additionally, plants come with the need for regular maintenance. As an alternative that requires less maintenance, you can explore the possibility of purchasing artificial turf, which is a popular alternative in the Phoenix area. Grand Materials and Supply has an array of artificial grass products for you to choose from as well.

Including these ideas and tips in your landscape design process ensures that you achieve a functional, appealing, and practical outdoor space. It is important to note that you can occasionally make new additions to the landscape created, but be sure to stick to these basic guidelines for the best outcome. Stop by one of our five Grand Materials locations for all of your landscaping needs!