Advantages of Installing Clay Brick Pavers

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Advantages of Installing Clay Brick Pavers

Despite the fact that a patio is an outdoor space, there is no question that it is a very important part of your home. In fact, it is considered to be the primary place for all outdoor activities in your home including family gatherings and barbecues. For professional contractors and homeowners designing patios, careful consideration is required as all aspects are important including focusing on the type of materials that will be used. Using clay brick is a great material to consider. Clay brick walkways can serve as a connector with the rest of your backyard and clay brick patios can also serve as a place for guests, where they can dine and relax while simply enjoying the weather outdoors.

Clay Bricks for Sale

If you are a contractor, and you are searching for paver materials, searching for options online can turn out to be your best option. Grand Materials and Supply is able to provide you with the paver materials that you need. These materials are very affordable when compared to other materials suppliers. Additionally, since the company has been in the business for decades, you can expect very high quality products.

advantages of installing clay brick pavers

There are different types of clay brick options for you to consider. Grand Materials supplies brick products from Phoenix Clay Brick, Summit Clay Brick, McNear Brick, and Colonial Brick Company (which produces Chicago Reclaimed Brick). All of which produce very high quality products. With each of these manufacturers, there are different color options that are available, allowing you or your client to make a decision based on specific preference. Additionally, you may also want to consider the use of thin brick. This collection provides quite a unique perspective with a timeless and classic twist. With its flexibility and versatility, you can easily redefine your project with the use of think brick. The use of thin brick is preferred by many because it is sustainable and lightweight.

If you are looking for any brick products, Grand Materials and Supply is the best option for purchasing brick pavers in the state of Arizona. Visit or call our friendly staff at any of our 5 locations to inquire about our clay brick selection!

Beautiful Palm Tree Landscaping

Grand Materials and Supply is a proud supplier of a wide array of landscaping materials in Arizona. We have a wealth of products that can help turn your outdoor spaces into ones that are more aesthetically-pleasing and functional. If you are looking for palm trees in Arizona, there is no need to look any further – Grand Materials and Supply has got you covered.

Date Palms

As one of the earliest plants to be cultivated by man (believed to be first cultivated around 5000 years ago), date palms are among the most popular choices for landscaping supply in Arizona. The Medjool date palm is one of its most famous varieties, which is known for having a thicker trunk and a large canopy. Additionally, the Deglet Noor date palm is equally popular. It may not be as well-known in America, but in other regions, like North Africa and the Middle East, it is a popular produce crop.

Canary Island Date Palms

As the name implies, this tree is a native of the Canary Island, but Grand Materials and Supply is able to provide it to anyone that may be interested throughout Arizona. Generally speaking, it can reach a height of up to 50 feet. However, it grows slowly and reaching such height will likely take quite some time. These trees are characterized by having full, round canopies in addition to orange flower stalks.

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California Fan Palms

Among the different species of palm trees, the California Fan Palm is another one that is widely cultivated. It is known for having a khaki to grayish-green color and a width that can extend up to 20 feet for the larger ones. One trait that distinguishes this fan palm from other varieties is its white fiber-like threads that grow in between its leaves.

Mexican Fan Palms

The Mexican Fan Palm is a palm tree native to Northern Mexico, however Grand Materials and Supply is able to supply it throughout the state of Arizona. These fan palms are tall, slender, and have a small crown on the top, which is reminiscent of the trees that line the posh neighborhoods of Southern California. The tallest ones can reach a height of up to 100 feet, although that is fairly rare. During early summer and spring, light colored flowers will grow from its leaves.

Hybrid Fan Palms

This hybrid palm tree is a cross between a California and Mexican Fan Palm. The Hybrid Fan Palm is heavier when compared to the Mexican fan palm, and is best known to be the perfect palm tree for resisting cold temperatures.

Grand Materials and Supply is the best option for purchasing palm trees in the state of Arizona. Visit or call our friendly staff at any of our 5 locations to inquire about our palm tree selection!

Getting the Best Artificial Grass Accessories for Your Next Project

If you are a professional contractor and are looking for the best materials for your next project, you have come to the right place. Grand Materials and Supply is able to provide you with the best, highest quality options for any of your needs, as is the case when it comes to artificial grass and artificial grass accessories. If you are planning to landscape your yard on a budget, the use of artificial grass can turn your next low budget project into a big one.

The Quality of Accessories

Grand Materials and Supply is proudly in a partnership with Global Syn-Turf in providing a very wide selection of artificial grass and artificial grass accessories throughout the state of Arizona. Artificial grass has many applications and can be used for both commercial and residential properties. In addition to supplying the artificial turf itself, you can also feel the convenience in knowing that Grand Materials offers accessories, including staples, infill materials, nails, green cups, as well as checkered flags that can be used when seaming your artificial grass.

Grand Materials and Supply Landscaping Supplies

You are also able to select lawn pads, like a grass underlayment for playgrounds which is available in 1-1/8” thickness. There are also specified installation nails, which are perfect for the installation of artificial grass. When it comes to quality, you will not have to look anywhere else for professional grade artificial turf staples. Other accessories offered by Grand Materials include an EasySeam Machine, a handheld electric tool, which melts adhesive with the use of a pre-programmed heating cycle.

The Benefits

If it is your first time to use artificial grass for your project, you certainly would want to know why some homeowners prefer this option, as well as why other professional contractors are now recommending this option for landscaping projects. These materials, including all accessories, need little maintenance. This means that homeowners are spared from the need to mow their lawn, allowing them to spend their time to more productive endeavors.

Artificial turf is also perfect for people who are older and are no longer able to look after their gardens or lawns at home. The beauty of owning an artificial turf lawn is that only little effort is required in taking care of it. In Phoenix, AZ, Grand Materials is the best option in getting high-quality artificial grass materials and accessories. In fact, a very wide array of materials and accessories is available at any of our 5 locations, making Grand Materials the best one stop shop solution for your needs!