How to Find the Best Phoenix Landscaping Company

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How to Find the Best Phoenix Landscaping Company

Landscaping substantially improves the appeal and appearance of your home. By implementing a great landscaping design, you can ensure that you enjoy staying at your home, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Finding the right landscaping contractor ensures that landscape projects will be completed according to plan, using the best materials, all done within budget. Landscape contracting companies come in a wide range of varieties which can make choosing one company quite a challenging task.

Below we will look at some of the main factors to help you identify and hire the best landscaping company in Arizona.

Consider Your Needs

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When it comes to putting together a landscaping project you will need to carefully consider your needs. Consider the kind of space you are looking to create and what you will need for that. You can research some interesting landscaping ideas online to incorporate in your plans. Note that you will also have to consider where all the necessary materials will be sourced from. Make sure that you can find a local Phoenix supplier for cost and convenience purposes. All these details should be incorporated in your plan in order to ensure that you communicate them to potential contractors and find out if they can be able to satisfy your expectations.

Seek References

As previously stated, there are numerous landscaping contractors serving the Phoenix area. This makes the task of finding the right fit quite challenging. You can seek references from close friends and family members when it comes to finding the perfect fit. Ask around and get a short list of some of the best contractors. Additionally, you can also seek references from the best companies involved in materials supply (i.e. Grand Materials and Supply). Additionally, the internet is a great place to seek references. You can look at online reviews of different contractor companies via consumer review sites or their individual websites.


Once you have identified some of the best companies offering landscaping services in Arizona, it is recommended that you comprehensively research all the necessary details relating to these companies. Some of the factors to consider here include experience in handling various sized projects, years of operation, any satisfaction guarantees offered, and significant past projects. This information will help you identify the best fit when it comes to getting value for your money. You will be able to set apart professionals from non-performers after digging up all the details relating to the companies that are on your shortlist.

Hiring the right landscaping contractor in Phoenix goes a long way in making sure that the project will be handled professionally. This will ensure that everything is completed on time and on budget, provided that there are no deviations from the original plan. Once you make your decision, have your landscape contractor stop by any of Grand Materials and Supply’s 5 locations in order to pick up the highest quality materials throughout the Phoenix area!

Different Applications for Artificial Turf

Growing and maintaining natural grass whether at home or on a commercial property, like a golf course, requires a lot of money and maintenance. In addition to pets finding a way to destroy a perfectly manicured lawn, many home owners are just too busy to dedicate their personal time to grooming their lawn. A perfect solution to these issues is installing artificial turf supplied by Grand Materials and Supply. Artificial grass, which is designed to resemble natural grass, allows you to forget about regular watering, lawn mowing, and overall maintenance that come with your standard lawn.

Below we will look at some of the artificial grass categories that we offer at our stores around the Phoenix area.

Artificial Grass Grand Materials


To create the most appealing landscape and to avoid additional maintenance costs, Grand Materials supplies only the highest quality artificial grass. As one of the largest Phoenix artificial grass suppliers in this region, buyers can find a wide selection of artificial grass designed with different characteristics including varying appearances and heights. Grand Materials’ wide selection ensures that you can find your perfect fit whether you are looking for artificial turf to be installed in a pet area, in a playground, or in your yard.

Pet Areas & Playgrounds

Grand Materials’ artificial grass products are great options for customers looking to creating the perfect playing yard especially for pet owners who like to play with their pet. Our “Pet Grass” is a popular option used in areas designed for pets in addition to playgrounds due to its appealing and realistic look as well as the fact that it is a safe material to play on. With fake grass installed, you do not have to constantly water your yard – this allows you to look forward to a reduction in cases of pets dragging mud and dirt into the house. With our “Pet Grass” installed, you can also forget about using harmful pesticides or insecticides as well.

Putting Green

Our “Putting Green” artificial grass is just what you need to create an amazing golfing turf whether in your back yard or at commercial properties. This artificial grass is bi-colored in order to ensure that it looks as realistic as possible. Like all products supplied by Grand Materials and Supply, this turf is high quality – additionally, it is lab tested and eco-friendly. As one of the most durable options available, you can enjoy over twenty years of a maintenance-free putting green or sports field turf.

Sports Fields

Artificial grass has been used on sports fields over the years due to the fact that it is generally safer for athletes when compared to natural grass. Artificial turf is also a quick-drying material which ensures that the playing surface remains dry and safe even after it has rained. With artificial grass, buyers can be sure that they will enjoy a long-lasting, affordable product perfect for sports fields.

Grand Materials and Supply is a customer’s best option for finding high quality, affordable artificial turf products in the state of Arizona. Visit or call our friendly staff at any of our 5 locations to inquire about our wide artificial grass selection!

BBQ Grill Buying Guide

With more and more home owners looking to develop their yards into comfortable outdoor spaces meant for relaxation, it is important to add outdoor appliances for the best functionality as well. One of the best ways to spend your time out in the yard with your family or friends is by enjoying a fun and tasty BBQ. To ensure that you have this option, it is recommended that you choose a functional landscape design, which incorporates the use of a barbecue grill. Grand Materials supplies top of the line Summerset barbecue grills for our customers. Home owners and landscaping companies can come to Grand Materials and Supply to choose from the wide array of grills we have in stock.

To help you in making the best choice of grill to include in your landscaping design, we will briefly review some of the different options that we supply while shopping for BBQ grills.


Homeowners looking to add a grill to their outdoor landscaping plans are advised to consider the costs involved in purchasing the grill before making a decision. When looking at our Summerset BBQ grills, you will notice the different models that we offer, as well as their different prices. In addition to the purchase cost, it is important to carefully consider the associated operating and maintenance costs of the grill. As a rule of thumb, in the long term, fuel run grills tend to be less expensive to run when compared to charcoal grills.



The materials used to manufacture the grill are vitally important. They are essential in determining how long the grill will survive in outdoor conditions as well as determining how easy it will be to clean your grill. Most people prefer stainless steel products as they tend to be easier to clean and are usually better suited to survive outdoor weather elements. This means that Summerset stainless steel barbecue grills come with added value in terms of their durability and the ease in which they can be cleaned. Home owners looking for a permanently fixed grill will definitely appreciate these details.


When shopping for a barbecue grill, it is important to match grill features with your needs. Summerset BBQ grills come in a wide variety. This ensures that every type of buyer has an option. In most cases, added features are meant to improve your outdoor grilling experience and should be carefully considered. Grand Materials’ stores throughout the Phoenix area offer a wide range of options to choose from.

If you are looking for any barbecue or outdoor grilling products, Grand Materials and Supply is the best option for purchasing grills and grilling accessories in the state of Arizona. Visit or call our friendly staff at any of our 5 locations to inquire about our outdoor BBQ and grilling selection!