Why Travertine Pavers are great for Your Patios and Pools

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Why Travertine Pavers are great for Your Patios and Pools

Travertine pavers have many distinct characteristics. Travertine is a natural stone that is accessible in different styles and shades of color. Travertine can be found in various places around the globe. Travertine can be found in Mexico, Rome, and Turkey among other places. The travertine found in one location can be very different than travertine found in another location, which makes travertine even more intriguing and appealing.

Travertine is created when water runs over limestone in a water-based environment like a hot spring or a limestone cave. Carbonate minerals produced in these environments become stacked into layers which then form the travertine.

Benefits of Travertine Pavers

Grand Materials Travertine

One of the main points of interest when it comes to installing travertine pavers is that these pavers have a unique look when compared to other pavers. Additionally, they are seen as much safer for families, since travertine pavers are impressively less slippery when they are wet. This means that it is more difficult for you and your children to slip and fall while walking along the side of your pool. Travertine pavers enhance safety in your pool area, which is a reason why such a large number of individuals, especially those with little kids, install them.

Another essential advantage of installing travertine pavers is that they are very reasonable when it comes to cost. Travertine pavers allow property owners to acquire a customized appearance that blends with the general stylistic theme of their property – all for a reasonable cost. Travertine pavers are very sturdy – they are highly resistant to extreme weather, and they can be effortlessly supplanted if damaged.

Moreover, it is worth noting that when compared to other paving materials (like brick or concrete pavers), travertine pavers are less likely to stain. Staining is an issue normally associated with pool decks, luckily, with travertine pavers, this becomes a non-issue! Once installed, travertine pavers stay looking new for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, another incredible characteristic of travertine is that these pavers are very easy to clean. It will take no time at all to tidy the pavers on your patio and pool.

When looking at all of the positives of installing travertine pavers, it becomes clear that they would make a great choice for your property. Stop by any of Grand Materials and Supply’s 5 locations in order to pick up the highest quality travertine and landscape supply materials throughout the Phoenix area!

Beautifying Properties with Palm Trees in Phoenix, Arizona

Contractors will always want to have the best set of design and building options for their customers. Aside from finalizing the major design layouts of your clients, it would also be important to suggest some additional materials to further beautify their homes or properties. This includes potentially adding various palm trees. These beautiful natural trees would be great additions for any home or property, due to the following benefits.

Palm Trees Eliminate the Need for Raking Leaves


While other trees are quite magnificent to look at during the fall season, they also may shed an unpleasant amount of leaves. This can be unsightly if the leaves do not get raked right away, which just adds an additional burden to customers.

However, by offering palm trees as a solution, you can educate your customers on how there would no longer be a need for homeowners or property managers to rake heaps of falling leaves. Palm trees’ leaves do not shed off in a multitude of pieces; instead, they come off as bark.

Palm Trees Are Quite Easy to Maintain

When compared to other trees, palm trees are generally much easier to maintain. They do not require much fertilizer and, when provided with enough water, it almost seems like they can maintain themselves. This makes palm trees even more appealing to homeowners, especially to those who are always on the go and do not have much time to tend to their landscape.

Naturally Beautifying Homes

As you consult with your in-house or outsourced designers, you might want to collaborate about having tropical themed landscaping. This could play into the consumers’ wants or needs and may lead to more landscaping options for properties. Palm trees are quite relaxing to look at, and they give off a feeling of “laid back” living or a peaceful vacation which could be perfect for customers who are always busy, so with just a glance at their landscaping, they can feel a level of relaxation.

These are just few of the benefits that your clients can reap from adding palm trees to their property’s landscape. Be sure to look for an exceptional supplier like Grand Materials to fit your requirements today!