Travertine Accessories

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Travertine Accessories

Natural stone is commonly used for building around Arizona, but it is a common sight to see travertine deployed for use in patios, floors, pool decks, kitchen floors, bathrooms and many other places around the house or office. The real allure is not just travertine’s unique appearance but also its durability.


Professional contractors recommend the use of travertine to clients who can foot the bill, and this perhaps explains its visibility in high-end homes and facilities. It ranks high among homeowners’ picks just like onyx, marble, granite and pavers. Many home buyers are willing to spend more for properties with these features, while many realtors hope their clients trying to sell have properties that possess these features.

Travertine colors can vary but here are the common colors buyers look out for:

Noce, Noce Economy, Noce Premium, Ivory, Lavan, Misto, Antique, Scabos, Silver, Cordoba Noche, Mocha, Paredon Crema, Durango Cream, Pearl Limestone, and Golden Leaf

Some of these are considered highly priced and many professional contractors place special orders for the premium products when required for a specific job. Although a few homeowners specifically request for travertine because of its low density, others still use marble and granite to a large extent. Geologists confirm that travertine is formed closer to the surface of the earth, thereby possessing higher weather resistance than other stones formed in the depths of the earth.

Travertine Finishings, Comparisons, and Uses

The common travertine finishes are polished, honed, tumbled and brushed. The processed look is textured, rounded-edged and natural. The brushed edges make travertine look rustic and, therefore, fit for the outdoors. Travertine used in kitchens and bathrooms are the honed versions, which are suitable for interior floors.

Tumbled travertine is used widely for pool decks, patios, pools, walkways, and other outdoor facilities. Travertine is porous-textured and therefore is a perfect choice for the slip-resistant and durable surface needed around pools.

In comparison to other similar tiles, brushed tiles are related but they lack rounded edges. Honed tiles are predominantly found in matte and smooth finishes. Since the pores are filled, they are largely stain-resistant. Polished travertine tiles are shiny, smooth and beautiful, though they become slippery when wet. In comparison to tumbled or brushed travertine, polished tiles have tougher stain resistance and are used in many commercial venues.

There are many benefits to installing travertine pavers on your property. Be sure to look for an exceptional supplier like Grand Materials to fit your travertine requirements today!

What to Consider when Designing an Outdoor Patio in Phoenix

There are some vital things to consider when looking at your design options for an outdoor patio in Phoenix, AZ. To add bit of class to your patio design, you can consider some of these options:

The Architecture

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Your outdoor patio can stand out if you really consider having some unique architectural slant. A way to embrace a touch of architecture would be to consider an outdoor kitchen. Given the straightforward nature of building an outdoor kitchen when compared to a full remodel, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty implementing this!

An added benefit of adding an outdoor kitchen would be that when guests are over, a seating area would already be there, making things easier and more organized for you.

The Space and Scenery for your Phoenix Patio

As you plan your outdoor patio redesign, considering complementary scenery by adding an attractive landscape is very worthwhile. Adding patio brick pavers will provide a great accent for that defining scenery.

Be proud of your scenery by giving thought to high-quality synthetic grass or a well-fertilized lawn that is mowed regularly and well-trimmed. Landscape professionals can help you with a design that really pops, transforming your patio space to a real cynosure of all eyes.

With excellent patio masonry, your walkways can be expertly paved and finished, complete with outdoor lighting. Adding a fence will give you a hideaway feel as long as it can be accommodated by the rules of your homeowners’ association.

Your Patio Seating Arrangements

Chairs and tables for your outdoor patios are easy to shop for in the Phoenix area, and you should have a few of these items available to provide adequate seating space when guests are over. You can do this on a budget, but no one says quality must be expensive. A wicker couch and a glass-designed table could add class to your patio. Just keep in mind to have an eye for durable buys.

Adding a Grill

A charcoal or gas grill can add a lot to your outdoor space, especially in Phoenix when you are enjoying family time in the pool. You can decide to make your grill a center of attention by adding some customization. Your counter space, sinks, and materials used can be very useful as styling effects.

Whether you prefer an outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles or if you prefer one that is more standard, adding one can do a lot to add to your outdoor space. Visit our friendly staff at any of Grand Materials and Supply’s 5 locations to inquire about outdoor kitchen and outdoor patio supplies!

Outdoor Lighting: Practical Tips to Choose the Best

When it comes to landscape materials, one that is most popular is outdoor lighting. Many landscape professionals would agree that the right choice of outdoor lighting will do a lot to create aesthetically-pleasing spaces that can also offer the benefit of safety within your property. Given the abundance of the options that you will be confronted with, it is important to never make a hasty decision. Consider the factors below to know more on how you can choose the best lighting for your property.

Types of Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

One of the first things to do when choosing lighting is to decide on the specific type of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures you’d like. This will depend on a variety of factors, such as the aesthetics and functionality that you wish to achieve. Security and flood lights are among the most popular because of their ability to help reduce criminal activity. Wall lights, on the other hand, can be perfect for recessed areas and can provide a more relaxing mood. Additionally, many people also consider outdoor light posts and pendant lights, among others.


Generally speaking, there are three different categories of outdoor lighting. The first one is functional lighting, which is used in entrances, garages, and patios. The second category is security lighting, which, as the name implies, will provide added security for the home. Because of the illumination that they can provide, they can discourage intruders from breaking in. Lastly, accent lighting is a popular choice when it comes to outdoor lighting, especially for people who would like to create a certain type of mood or to highlight different spaces in the garden.

Energy Efficiency

When looking for landscape lighting, it is important to go beyond aesthetics. This means that you should also think about the lighting’s energy consumption, especially if you intend to leave these lights turned on the entire night. You should strive to choose one that consumes energy efficiently to save on your utility bills. Look for the Energy Star logo – LED outdoor home lighting will also be beneficial as it is very long-lasting and energy-efficient relative to other lighting options.

Weather Resistance

Because the lighting will be used outdoors, it is important to choose one that will be able to withstand adverse weather conditions. The lighting should be made from materials that can handle the hot sun and the rain. It will also be good to choose light fixtures that can resist corrosion from both hot weather and much cooler weather.

Go Beyond Price

At the end of the day, looking for the best lighting supply should go beyond price. Being inexpensive is not tantamount to being the best. Make sure that quality and functionality will never be compromised on. Stop by any of Grand Materials and Supply’s 5 locations in order to pick up the highest quality lighting products in addition to other landscape materials throughout the Phoenix area!