Benefits of Using Red Clay Brick

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Benefits of Using Red Clay Brick

If you are a landscape contractor in the process of expanding the services you offer, it is important to note that some materials would be great additions for your clients’ properties. Exceptional contractors have the ability to bring up options that their clients may not even think to ask them about. One of the materials that would make sense to add as an option would be clay brick. Grand Materials is already well-suited to provide you with numerous items to choose from.

Clay Brick

Aesthetics and Temperature

Many that appreciate classic design, would appreciate the use of clay brick. Aside from the fact that clay bricks give off a classic and aesthetically-pleasing look to properties, they are also useful for maintaining cooler temperatures throughout a property. On the flip side, when it gets too cold during winter, clay bricks act as a heat retainer, thus keep you property warmer for longer periods of time.

Flame Resistance

For homeowners who spend a lot of time in their kitchen or perhaps would like to upgrade their fireplace, clay bricks would be well worth looking into. Clay brick is flame resistant, so it is a perfect material for fireplaces or for homes in very dry areas. With clay brick, homeowners should feel better that they’ll have a more fire-safe property. To further guide clientele, contractors can also consider looking at fire resistance ratings of different brick, along with the brick thickness.

These are just couple of the reasons to help contractors communicate to clients that using clay brick as a material can be a great idea. Grand Materials and Supply offers a variety of the highest quality clay brick products in Arizona. Visit Grand Materials and Supply’s friendly staff at any of our 5 locations to inquire about our products. We are happy to help!