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Natural Stone and Travertine Options

Although it may be winter time, spring is just around the corner and that means home renovations and upgrades. Does your back porch or deck need a new face lift, maybe a new color palate? Have you ever thought about using natural stone pavers, like travertine?

Grand Materials Travertine

Natural stone pavers are fabulous options, and are becoming more popular than other more traditional materials used in outdoor (and even indoor) renovations. Travertine and other natural stone pavers are very durable, in fact their durability rating is some of the highest. It takes a lot to crack, flake, or even chip these pavers. Additionally, travertine pavers will not shrink or expand like concrete during winter.

Should one of your travertine pavers become damaged they are very easy to repair or replace. Thanks to installation process of these pavers, the replacement of a damaged paver only requires the removal of that one stone and insertion of a new paver. Simple as one, two, and three.

When you are looking around for materials for your new patio, pool, porch, retaining wall or any other outdoor renovation, we would love to suggest looking at our large selection of travertine. Travertine stone pavers will add a look of class and elegance to any area of your home that you choose to use them in. Really, the options for travertine use are only limited by your creativity.

Talk to our specialists to see how we can help you bring your vision to life. With our natural stone materials, you will be able to enjoy your new area and gaze upon the beauty that a travertine or natural stone patio, pool, or porch can offer. Visit Grand Materials and Supply’s friendly staff at any of our 5 locations to inquire about our products. We are happy to help!