Early Spring Landscaping Tips

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Early Spring Landscaping Tips

It’s growing season here in southern Arizona, and the heat is on. Grand Materials is your one-stop shop for landscaping projects whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY homeowner.



As daytime temperatures rise, Phoenecians become increasingly nocturnal. Shed some light on pathways and patios; consider creating ambiance with amber, frosted, blue or green lights. We recommend LED bulbs to save money in the long term. Check out our Kichler product line for a variety of fixtures and lighting solutions.



To save water and labor, property owners are turning to artificial turf. We supply everything you need to create a permanent green artificial lawn, from infill and pads to staples and seaming tape. Our selection of turf includes several colors and styles, including varieties for pets and putting greens.



Chances are, your plants are starting to get thirsty. Avoid under watering and over watering with a smart irrigation installation tailored to your landscape. Not sure where to start? Our expert staff will walk you through your options.


Watering Tips

Do you know how to recognize signs of over watering and under watering? Many homeowners over water their drought-tolerant plants, leaving them susceptible to pests, disease and root rot.

  • If your leaves feel saturated, look yellow, or have lots of bites taken out of them, you may be watering too much or too often.
  • Remember, lots of healthy plants appear wilted in the middle of the day when in reality they are simply protecting their leaves from water loss. Check them at dusk or early in the morning, when healthy plants appear more full.
  • Generally speaking, one deep watering every week or so will keep your desert-adapted plants happy through the summer. Plants less accustomed to our environment likely need more attention; for example, you never want roses in dry soil.
  • To direct water away from roots, plant on a mound. To direct water towards roots, plant in a small basin. Consider mulch or gravel to improve water retention.
  • Choose an irrigation system with programmable watering schedules you can change as needed.