Spring is ready to bloom, so it’s time to start whiling away your hours at the barbecue with a cocktail in hand. Today’s homeowners are dedicating more of their DIY hours to bringing their outdoor areas to life, and we’re coming up on the perfect time of year to live it up outdoors. Imagine a spring break spent at the poolside fire pit on a newly paved patio. Gorgeously layered lighting will turn an ordinary night into something spectacular and evocative.


Outdoor Gourmet

Outdoor Gourmet

Grand Materials & Supply will provide all the materials for your outdoor kitchen, from Summerset’s line of Sizzler, TRL barbecue grills to pizza ovens, ice chests, refrigerators, and more. Why prepare a meal indoors when you have your own foodie-grade outdoor grill? To check out our outdoor kitchens and accessories click here!


Fashionable Fire Pits

How better to spend those chilly spring evenings than at an outdoor fireplace or trendy Belgard fire pit? If you’re a beginner, you’ll find the Element modular pre-built products easy to install and assemble, and if you’re a renovator, the time you save on sourcing materials will make your workday a thousand times easier. Click here to learn more about the premium brands we carry: Belgard Elements, Pavestone and Phoenix Pavers.


Outdoor Elegance

It’s the perfect time to start a rock garden, so browse through our decorative boulder and masonry range for inspiration. Our collection will ensure that all your outdoor living is done in style. Rocks, edging, arbors and turf transform a simple day at home into an atmospheric event. Learn more about Grand Materials largest selection and finest qualities of decorative rock, boulders, and bulk materials.