Many people consider concrete for the roads and pathways of their home, but pavers are a more attractive, longer-lasting alternative. Pavers form a pattern that will draw the eye towards a building, and increase property values. If you’ve been searching for pavers or decorative rock in metro Phoenix, AZ, we have a wide selection of materials for every pathway, road, or sidewalk of your home or property.

The practice of using pavers as a way to provide a smoother surface for vehicles and pedestrians dates back thousands of years. For example, the ancient Romans used pavers in their roads. Additionally, they used the concept of ‘mosaics’ to form a set of paver patterns that decorated the floors of homes.

choosing pavers over poured concretePavers are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. They come in many different materials ranging from natural travertine pavers to flagstone pavers, so you’re never limited to one color or material choice. Pavers can be used to create a pathway from your garage to your front door, or to create a pathway around your home to the back garden.

Pavers are durable, and built to last. Often if you pour a smooth concrete, it quickly becomes damaged. Patched up concrete does not look good, but pavers are easy to repair, and when damaged, only require fixing small affected areas. Pavers may require a bit of extra money upfront, but they are proven to be longer lasting than some other choices, and simpler to repair. You don’t need to wait until you’re selling your property to install pavers either. Professional installers will create your new walkway or path to allow you to fully enjoy your beautiful home.

With pavers, there are limitless options to spruce up your property. Circular or rectangular patterns can be installed to create visual appeal. By laying pavers, you will be adding to both the beauty and value of your home. Skip the poured concrete, and choose pavers to liven up your property. A well-maintained property will welcome you home every time you drive into the driveway. Come get your pavers at Grand Materials and Supply today!