When creating your own outdoor kitchen, it is important to consider which appliances would be best, taking into account the overall design. An outdoor kitchen is a great idea especially for home owners who are looking to enjoy food prepared with a wood or charcoal fire. If this is the case, one great option for you to include in your outdoor kitchen is an outdoor pizza oven. At Grand Materials and Supply, customers will find the highest quality outdoor ovens available at any of our five locations in the Phoenix area.

Below we will look at some of the main considerations to keep in mind when it comes to buying an outdoor pizza oven.


Buying an outdoor pizza oven will ensure that you can enjoy great tasting pizza whenever you’d like. Wood ovens are known to bake great tasting pizzas that are full of natural flavors, however, to ensure that you get the most value for your money, it is recommended that you buy an outdoor pizza oven that can be used to prepare other outdoor meals. This will save you from spending a fortune on different appliances needed to create your own outdoor kitchen.


An outdoor oven is part of your home’s landscaping; as such it is important to consider just how well it matches the overall landscape design. This means that you should consider the style of the outdoor pizza oven in relation to the overall landscape design. Outdoor ovens can be constructed using different materials so that they blend in with your yard’s current landscape design. These materials include bricks, wood, stone blocks, and clay, among others, all of which can be found at our stores.

Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Professional Landscaper

After you have decided on the best outdoor pizza oven depending on your needs, you can then think about whether you will be the one to install it or hire a qualified professional. It is recommended that you opt for a qualified professional as they are generally very experienced and can thus offer the best results. Professionals have the necessary knowledge on where to best position the oven as well as how to get the project done according to applicable safety codes and other regulations.

Feel free to visit any of the five Grand Materials & Supply locations to discuss with our team members about ordering your next landscape addition. Our team looks forward to supplying you with the perfect components to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen.